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Stepenice u učenju odbojkaške vještine (autor: prof dr Goran Nešić)

Element tehnikePočetnici(devojčice do 11 i manje godina i dečaci do 12 godina starosti i manje)Predpioniri (devojčice do 13 godina i dečaci do 14 godina starosti)Pioniri (devojčice do 15 godina i dečaci do 16 godina starosti)Kadeti (devojčice do 17 godina i dečaci do 18 godina starosti)Juniori (devojčice do 19 godina i dečaci do 20 godina starosti)
1Osnovna odbojkaška kretanja bez lopte
2Stavovi i položaji
3Gornje čeono odigravanje lopte prstima napred
4Gornje čeono odigravanje lopte prstima unazad
5Gornje čeono odigravanje lopte prstima u stranu
6Gornje čeono odigravanje lopte prstima, dočekujuci loptu iz frontalne ravni, u sagitalnoj ravni
7Dizanje lopte u zonu 4. – idealna lopta
8Dizanje lopte u zonu 4. – pomerena lopta
9Dizanje lopte u zonu 2. – idealna lopta
10Dizanje lopte u zonu 2. – pomerena lopta
11Dizanje lopte u zonu 1. – idealna lopta
12Dizanje lopte u zonu 1. – pomerena lopta
13Dizanje lopte u zonu 6. – idealna lopta
14Dizanje lopte u zonu 6. – pomerena lopta
15Dizanje lopte za 1. tempo – idealna lopta
16Dizanje lopte za 1. tempo – pomerena lopta
17Dizanje lopte za almu – idealna lopta
18Dizanje lopte za almu – pomerena lopta
19Dizanje kombinacija (rus, bugarin, dupli penal, koreja…)
20Dizanje jednom rukom napred
21Dizanje jednom rukom unazad
22Dizanje prvog tempa jednom rukom
23Kuvanje dizača levom rukom prema zoni 1, 6 ili 5.
24Kuvanje dizača desnom rukom u zonu 4.
25Kuvanje dizača desnom rukom u zonu 5. – 9m
26Prijem donjeg servisa prstima
27Prijem flot servisa prstima
28Prijem flota iz skoka prstima
29Odbrana prstima
30Donje podlaktično odigravanje (čekić) napred
31Donje podlaktično odigravanje (čekić) unazad
32Donje podlaktično odigravanje (čekić) u stranu
33Prijem donjeg servisa čekićem
34Prijem flot servisa čekićem
35Prijem flot servisa iz skoka čekićem
36Prijem tenis servisa (rotacija) čekićem
37Prijem smeč servisa čekićem
36Odbrana čekićem
38Odigravanje spojenim šakama
39Odigravanje hipotenarikom
40Povaljka u desnu stranu bez lopte
41Povaljka u levu stranu bez lopte
42Sun bez lopte
43Poluupijač bez lopte☺*☺*☺*
44Upijač bez lopte☺*☺*☺*
45Povaljka u desnu stranu sa loptom
46Povaljka u levu stranu sa loptom
47Sun sa loptom
48Poluupijač sa loptom☺*☺*☺*
49Upijač sa loptom☺*☺*
50Donji servis
51Tenis servis sa rotacijom
52Flot servis
53Flot servis iz skoka
54Smeč servis
55Smečiranje kada trener podbacuje loptu
56Smečiranje kada igrač/ica sam podbacuje loptu
57Smečiranje kada igrač/ica dobija loptu od dizača
58Smečiranje preko ramena iz zone 4.
59Smečiranje preko ramena iz zone 2.
60Smečiranje preko ramena iz zone 3.
58Smečiranje od ruke iz zone 4.
61Smečiranje od ruke iz zone 2.
62Smečiranje od ruke iz zone 3.
63Smečiranje u realnim uslovima igre protiv jedinačnog bloka
64Smečiranje u realnim uslovima igre protiv dvojnog bloka
65Smečiranje u realnim uslovima igre protiv trojnog bloka
66Plasiranje – „žulj”  kada trener podbacuje loptu
67Plasiranje – „žulj”  kada igrač/ica  sam podbacuje loptu
68Plasiranje – „žulj”  kada igrač/ica dobija loptu od dizača
69Plasiranje – „žulj”  u realnim uslovima igre
70Blok – aut
71Individualni blok – tehnički ispravna kretnja (skok – ispružanje ruku – nameštanje šaka – doskok)
72Kretanje za individualni blok – dokorak
73Kretanje za individualni blok – prekorak
74Kretanje za individualni blok – ukršteni korak
75Kretanje za individualni blok – kombinacija koraka
76Kretanje za individualni blok –   zalet trčećim korakom
77Individualni blok u uslovima igre (zalet – skok – ispružanje ruku – nameštanje šaka – doskok)
78Dvojni blok – tehnički ispravna kretnja u mestu (skok – ispružanje ruku – nameštanje šaka – doskok)
79Dvojni blok – tehnički ispravna kretnja kroz zalet
80Trojni blok – tehnički ispravna kretnja u mestu
81Trojni blok – tehnički ispravna kretnja kroz zalet

Privacy Policy for Volleyball Camp

Effective Date: June 7, 2023

This Privacy Policy describes how Volleyball Camp (“we,” “us,” or “our”) collects, uses, and discloses information when you use our mobile application Volleyball Camp (the “App”). This Privacy Policy applies to the App and its related services.

1. Information Collection

We would like to assure you that Volleyball Camp does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) or user data from your use of the App.

However, it’s important to note that our App may use third-party tools and services that have their own privacy policies. These third-party services include Firebase, Cloud Firestore, and Firebase Messaging. While we do not directly collect or control any user data through these services, we want to provide transparency about their potential information collection practices.

1.1 Firebase

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform provided by Google LLC. Firebase provides various features and services, including data storage, cloud messaging, and analytics. While we use Firebase in our App, we do not utilize any features that involve the collection or storage of user data.

For more information on how Firebase collects, uses, and protects data, please refer to the Firebase Privacy Policy:

1.2 Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a cloud database provided by Google LLC. It allows developers to store and sync data for client and server-side development. Although our App integrates with Cloud Firestore, we do not collect any user data or personally identifiable information and store it within this service.

1.3 Firebase Messaging

Firebase Messaging is a service provided by Google LLC that enables the delivery of push notifications to mobile devices. When using our App, Firebase Messaging may be used to send notifications, but it does not involve the collection or storage of any personal information.

2. Children’s Privacy

Protecting the privacy of children is of utmost importance to us. Our App is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under 13. If you believe we may have inadvertently collected information from a child under the age of 13, please contact us immediately using the contact information provided at the end of this Privacy Policy, and we will take appropriate steps to delete that information.

3. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time, and any changes will be effective upon posting the revised version on the App. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to stay informed about our information practices.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us at:

Thank you for using Volleyball Camp. We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing a secure experience within our App.